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School council 2017-18

St Hugh’s school council are children from years 3 to 6, who have been elected by their class, to represent their views and ideas.  The school council meets regularly to discuss school issues and to share the opinions of their class from class council meetings. 

The school council is involved in school decision making, and take a key role in fundraising and supporting and sharing key messages during special events such as friendship week, health and well-being week and e-safety days. 

They are doing a fantastic job listening to children in order to improve our school, representing the school and thinking of ways to communicate locally and globally.

Our 2017-18 School Council representatives are:

Rafael - Chair

Ami-Jane - Vice Chair

Kiran - Secretary







On the 20th October they attended their first event as school Councillors to participate in a Linking project event at the Council Chambers in the Civic Centre.  During the day they worked with the School Councillors from Alt and Roundthorne schools to develop their leadership skills.

School Council 2016-17

Last year our school council representatives were:

Zahra – Chair

Tiffany – Vice Chair

Jack – Secretary







Health and well-being week competition

The week  of the 26th September was Health and Well-being week in school.  To support this special week the school council held a special competition.  They held a colouring competition for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 and a poster competition for Key Stage 2. 

The winners were:

Harvey - Reception

Janae - Year 1

Orind - Year 2

Ashleigh L - Year 3

Lilly - Year 4

Ami - Year 5

Jack - Year 6

The winning Key Stage 2 posters are shown below.

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