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Welcome to Year 3!

Moving up into Year 3 is a big step for us as we get used to what it's like to be in Key Stage 2! 

Almost all of our work is in our books, but still with lots of practical activities to help us understand any difficult learning.

We have a PE session and a dance lesson every week. PE is on Monday and Dance is on Friday, we must have our PE kit for both of these lessons.

Our learning is through Learning Challenge questions and we have a number of questions which we investigate over the year. This year our questions are:

Who first lived in Britain?

Do you think Sir Titus Salt was a hero or a villain?

How can we rediscover the wonder of the Indus Valley?

Why to so many people go to the Mediterranean for their holiday?

What makes the world angry?

We have currently been learning about The Stone age to The Iron Age.

Every morning we complete early bird maths, this helps us deepen our learning. Throughout the year, we will be learning different methods of calculation that will help us with our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division including arrays and partitioning.

This year, we have started to learn how to play a brass instrument. We have music on a Monday afternoon with Mr Byers.

In Year 3, our day starts at 8.50am. In the morning, we complete the daily mile which helps us get fit and healthy after we have completed the mile we can buy fruit and milk from the snack trolley. Our lunchtime is from 12.00pm to 3.10pm.

Homework is sent home regularly, this includes practicing our times tables via the TT Rockstars website and reading our reading book at home.


Our class teacher is called Miss Thompson




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