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Welcome to Year 5!

In Year 5 we are very determined to challenge ourselves in order to make good progress and be fully prepared for the challenges when we make the step up to Year 6 next year!

We have a PE session every week. PE is on Tuesday and we must have our PE kit for the lesson. In Year 5 we also have a Swimming session on a Monday. We must remember our swimming kit otherwise we cannot take part in the swimming lesson.

We continue to have a weekly music session with Mr Byers. If we become really great at playing our brass instruments, we might be selected to be a part of the school band!

Our learning is through Learning Challenge questions and we have a number of questions which we investigate over the year. This year our questions are:

  • How can we re-discover the wonder of Ancient Egypt?
  • Where does the raindrop come from?
  • Were the Anglo-Saxons really smashing?
  • Why should the rainforests be important to all of us and why is Brazil in the news again?

In Year 5, our day starts at 8.50am. We have a break in the morning when we can buy fruit and milk from the Snack Trolley. We have our lunch at 12.20pm and then play out after we have eaten until 1.00pm. Our day finishes at 3.10pm.

Our class teacher is called Miss Brown.




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