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What if I'm not happy about something that has happened at school?

In the first instance any concerns or complaints  you may have should be discussed with your child’s class teacher as soon as possible. In most cases any concerns or complaints addressed in this way can be resolved quickly and informally.
It is hoped that these concerns would be dealt with within two working days.

What if my issue isn't resolved?

I've met with the Headteacher, but I'm still not happy...

If your complaint is still not resolved, you should write to the Chair of the School Governing Body.
They will discuss your complaint with you and if it still cannot be resolved, a Complaints Panel Meeting will be arranged.
You will be informed of the panel response in writing within 10 working days.

School Complaints Process

You can find a more detailed guide for parents and carers about our Complaints process below. For our full Complaints and Representations policy, see our School Policies page.

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