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St Hugh's CE Primary School is part of the Henshaw Trust. The aim of the Trust is the promotion of Gods Kingdom through the provision of Primary and Secondary Schools where the faith and worship of the Church of England can be taught and practised and the children brought to Confirmation and worshipping membership of the Church.  The school works together with the Trust to achieve our common aim. 

Our aim at St Hugh’s is to make sure that every child has as much access and experience of high quality Religious Education provision. This is enhanced by having external religious visitors, visit to places of different religions and high quality artefacts which will enrich every child’s experience of Religious Education throughout school.

2019-20 Henshaw Trust Bid

In 2019-20 the school applied to the Henshaw Trust for a bid for enhancement activities to enable the children at St Hugh's to experience a high quality RE provision.  This we utilised during a special RE fortnight which consisted of visits for KS2 to Manchester Cathedral, KS1 to the Local Parish Church and a visit to a local Mosque for Year s 2 and 6,  special visitors into school including the Jewish museum, Barnabus in Schools, David Mason a poet, the Fairy God Mum and Groundbreakers.  The Fortnight culminated in a special ethos day with visitors and special activities where the children worked together to bring our school vision statement "Be the change you want to see in the World" to life.

Below are some of the comments from the children and information about the special week:

'Thank you so much for RE Fortnight, where we looked at ‘Friendship, Forgiveness and Peace.’Every class in the school went to Manchester Cathedral or to St Thomas Church.'          (Oliwia, Year 5)

'During RE fortnight we had lots of fun. The theme for the fortnight was ‘Friendship, Forgiveness and Peace’ and we looked at this through Christianity and other religious, including Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.  Everything we did during RE fortnight was fun, so thank you.'      (Brooke, Year 5)

Thank you very much The Henshaw Trust for allowing us to have these experiences.   (Victoria D, Year 5)

Manchester Cathedral Trips for Year 3, 4, 5 and 6

Key Stage 2 went to Manchester Cathedral and explored the religious history of both Manchester and the history the Cathedral had to offer. Children from all classes enjoyed learning about the history of the Saints of the Church and the meanings behind the contemporary windows created. We also learnt that not all the history of the Church is religious and how a wartime disaster in 1940 lead to the building and naming of the Regiment Chapel and lots of the renovating of Manchester Cathedral.  (James, Year 6)

We went to Manchester Cathedral and we did brass rubbings, made stained glass windows and we wore church clothes with symbols on which reflected different times of the church year. We then looked at wooden carvings in the Quire and did some drama around the stories they depicted.   (Orind, Year 5)

When we got to the Cathedral, we started out by wearing different church clothes, which had different symbols to remember God and Jesus. One had grapes and wheat to represent the Last Supper. The different colours all had separate meanings.

  • Yellow and white was happy, special times
  • Purple was worn for sad times
  • Red is worn for Pentecost and
  • Green represented the trinity and everything else.              (Warren, Year 5)

Barnabas Workshops

During RE fortnight, we had a visit from Lisa Debney from the Barnbas in Schools team. She taught us the story of the Prodigal Son and looked at key stories Jesus told about Friendship and Forgiveness. Every class took part in drama to help us remember these stories.    (Lucie, Year 6)

Lisa read us a story called The Prodigal Son and some people acted it out in assembly, which was very funny.  (Kiera, Year 5)

Synagogue in a Box, Manchester Jewish Museum

Year 6 were meant to be going on a school trip to the Manchester Jewish Museum but as it was having renovations, a lady came from the Museum to complete a workshop with us in class. They showed us some of the most valuable possessions within a Synagogue and to Jewish people and then as a class we each had to make our own item to build our own class Synagogue. We had lots of fun making our own Torah!  (Lucie, Year 6)

Diary of a Disciple Workshop, Groundbreakers

Mary, Jo and Hannah from Groundbreakers visited our class. We did some drama, crosswords and made little booklets at discussed the diary of Luke, one of Jesus’ disciples. We looked at the story of Zechariah who married Elizabeth and had no children and discussed the importance of the story.   (Victoria D, Year 5)

From Mary’s workshop, I now know that there’s a whole SIX BILLION copies of the Bible sold worldwide! We all got to act, read, discuss and have fun in one lesson learning about Zachariah was so much fun!  (Taylor, Year 5)

Ethos Day – Friday 24th January 2020

Over the course of the Ethos day we did lots of different activities with our class around the theme for the fortnight.

Creative Writing and Drama with David Mason, Inspire to Write

Years 3 to 6 had wonderfull sessions of drama and writing with David Mason.

School Mission Statement Mural with Wendy Moore, Fairy God Mum

Years 3 to 6 helped the Fairy God Mum to design and create our school mural in the hall. The school mural represents our new School Vision;                                                                                                                                    “Be the change you want to see in the world”    (Gandhi)


‘To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see.’ (Hebrews 11:1)  (Alliyha, Year 6)


Friendship Bracelets

The whole school made Friendship Bracelets for people they care for within the classrooms and were encouraged to swap them with someone we don’t usually talk to. When swapping the friendship bracelets, they had made, we had to say nice things to one another.  (Bradley, Year 6     and   Kyara, Year 5)

Letters to the World


Dance and Drama Workshop with Danielle, Oldham Sport Development

Nursery to Year 2 all enjoyed doing a Friendship/Dance workshop with Danielle from Sport Development. We all had to work with someone we don’t always play or talk to and had to mirror each other’s actions while we got to know each other.


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2018-19 Henshaw Trust Bid

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