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News and Events 2019-20

Harvest Festival

This year our Harvest Festival was led by Year 5.  They talked about sharing the world's resources fairly and sang a wonderful version of 'Let it Grow!'

Many thanks to all of the community who generously donated food.  This will be taken to St Thomas' Church to be added to the Parish donations for the Parish Harvest Festival on Sunday 6th October, and then donated to Local and Manchesr Food banks.  

Many thanks also to Rev Ruth Farrar for receiving the Harvest donations.  


Year 1 visit to Portland Basin Museum September

Year 1 have been learning about what life was like for their grandparents and great grandparents and how things have changed. As part of this learning Year 1 went to Portland Basin Museum in Ashton-Under-Lyne.

They had lots of fun walking down a 1920’s street and we learnt lots of interesting and fun facts about what life was like then.

We saw an old house and how you couldn’t have a late night trip to the toilet because it was in the garden! Year 1 were fascinated with the schoolroom rules – including the Dunce hat and the dreaded cane! They were not a fan of being able to buy pig trotters from the chip shop and learnt all about the Black Knight from Tameside, who rolled his enemies down a hill in a spike filled barrel!

Year 1 had lots of fun at the Museum and have continued learning all about life for their great grandparents.

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